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April - June Quarter

Adult Class - I Love My Church

Fellowship Hall

All adults and youth are invited to attend the I Love My Church class.  We will explore together what it looks like to love your chu​rch.  We will focus on Faith, Friendship, Family, Followers, Filled.  This is an amazing time to grow together and discover your place in the family.

Teachers:   Pastor Glen and Sarah, Pastor Jen, and Pastor Tyler and Jocelyn

K-5th Grade Class

  • Upstairs

Children in this class will take a close look at how Jesus healed a man at the pool, a girl and woman and a sick friend. They will learn how God is our source of life and how He was a source of guidance, courage, faith, wisdom and love in the lives of Esther, Jeremiah, Daniel and more. They will wrap up the fall quarter learning about gratitude through Jehoshaphat, a leper and the prodigal son. 

Preschool Class

  • Upstairs

​Children in the Preschool class will learn about Samuel, Solomon, Daniel, Esther, Peter and Paul. As they look at Samuel and Solomon they will hear about Samuel working in the Temple and building the Temple. The lessons on Daniel and Esther will focus on obeying God and God saving people.  A close look at Peter and Paul will show kids how a lame man was helped, how Peter  escaped from prison, Paul was protected and shipwrecked.


  • Downstairs between foyer and fellowship hall

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