Adult Class: Mike Bengela - Prisoner of the Lord (Prison Epistles)

  • Upstairs in Youth Room

We will continue in our study of Paul’s Prison Epistles. We are currently in Ephesians Chapter 2, and will provide a review of already covered material if new people sign up. The content will continue to focus on the richness and depth of Paul’s teachings on:

*Prayer and Thanksgiving

*Who Christ is and what He did for us.

*Living as Children of God

*How Christians should live

*Christ fully expressed through us:

*At church *At Home

*In society * At Work

*Real Forgiveness

*Spiritual Warfare *Armor of God

*Background: Why did Paul write these letters?

*Cultural Considerations

Adult Class Ladies: Sarah Hammons- Ladies Bible Study

  • Fellowship Hall West (Rm 102)

Taking ladies night to Sunday morning!

Join us for a time of fellowship, encouragement, and studying God's Word. Each week we will journey through a new topic from the Bible. We hope to see you there!

Adult Class: Tom Rutter - Studying The Book of John

  • Fellowship Hall East (Rm 101)

Youth Class

  • Currently Attending an adult class of students choice.

K-5th Grade Class

  • Upstairs

Children in this class will take a close look at the church, how they are a witness and how God helps with our problems. They will be studying how the church is a body and why we have church. They will learn how to tell the good news, forgive others, how to be honest and serve God. They will look at David, Daniel, Jonah and Stephen to see how God helps solve problems.

Preschool Class

  • Upstairs

​Children in the Preschool class will learn to care as they look at how Jesus cares for children and a Samaritan Woman. They will learn to help by hearing about Rahab, Deborah, Gideon and others. Then they will learn to listen by hearing about Nicodemus, Mary, Zacchaeus and Cornelius


  • Downstairs between foyer and fellowship hall